Exterior Detailing a la Carte

  • Simoniz Synthetic Sealer: $69.96

High quality paint sealer est. 6 month protection and shine

  • Simoniz Wax: $49.95

Carnauba wax infused w/banana oil. Est 3 month protection & shine!

  • Vision Blade Glass Treatment: $29.95

(Repels rain, reduces glare, reduces water marks for better vision)

  • Trimtastic: $39.95

(Helps restore bumpers, racks, and trim with added months of protection)

  • Tar/Sapp Removal (By quote only)
  • Chrome & Rim Polishing (By quote only)
  • Headlight Restoration: $49.95 (for 2 lights)

Complete Exterior Package: $149.00

(De bug the exterior, de grease and clean the wheels, complete exterior wash & hand dry. 3 step paint process: clay, polish, and protect with Simoniz wax. Removes light oxidation, bugs, tar, light scratches, & contaminants from paint. Exterior rubber and plastic surfaces cleaned & dressed (Rejuvenators & Protectants). Complete cleaning of interior and exterior glass.

For Clean, Shiny, and Protection, layering is the key!!